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The word escrow means “to keep in trust”. An escrow service keeps payment in trust until a product or service has been delivered. PayLock is a licensed financial escrow and payments services provider. We are an independent third party that secures clients' funds in trust until both parties in a transaction are satisfied with project delivery. Only once both parties are happy with services provided does PayLock release funds.

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The Complete Toolkit for Safe, Secure Business

You can easily create an account and secure your payments with our Secure Wallet Escrow Account.

Whether you're a project owner working with a freelancer, an exporter doing business overseas, or you just want to make a big purchase, our meticulously designed dashboard will help you to easily create a transaction and secure your money until you're satisfied with the progress of your project or business.

Send and receive money from all over the world securely without hassle.

Problem & Solution

Problems faced by our customer segments and the solutions PayLock provides.


For business consultants and freelancers
  • Do you have a new client or new customer you don't know?
  • Do you want to make payments to your clients based on milestones?
  • Want assurances about your clients' ability to pay for services rendered?


PayLock is here to help you!
  • PayLock holds your funds in trust until all obligations of your transaction are met and only then are the funds released.
  • Easily time the release of funds based on the delivery of milestones from our platform.
  • Once the funds are put in PayLock's Escrow Accounts, you can be rest assured that you're getting paid after fulfilling your obligations.


For Importers and Exporters
  • Do you have a new buyer from another part of the world and want to be assured of full payment for your exports?
  • Do you want to prevent fraud in your international transactions?
  • Want to make sure your supplier keeps his side of the transaction and actually exports the goods to you?


PayLock is here to help you!
  • PayLock ensures that you get paid after you export your goods to your buyer.
  • We verify the identities of both parties in any transaction to prevent fraud.
  • We hold your funds in trust and only release them when your supplier keeps their side of the transaction, ensuring a win-win situation at all times.


How PayLock Works?

Register on PayLock.

Register on PayLock and create a transaction. Fill in the parties and the terms of the deal. You can upload any documentation covering the transaction if necessary.

Connect with the counterparty.

PayLock will then invite the other party to your transaction. If there is a need to negotiate further with the counterparty, go ahead and negotiate to make sure both of you have a win-win situation at the end of the day.

Deposit the transaction amount.

Deposit the funds onto your PayLock wallet in order to transfer it into our secure Escrow Account. Your counterparty has to confirm that the amount is correct before you can proceed to transfer it into our secure Escrow Account.

Transfer the funds to PayLock.

Once the funds are approved by your counterparty, you can transfer it into PayLock's secure Escrow Account and we'll hold it in trust until all obligations of your transaction are met and only then can you the counterparty receive the funds. When the transactions are met, you can simply approve payment to your counterparty and PayLock will transfer the funds to them promptly.

Specify how you want to be paid.

You or your counterparty that is receiving the funds can choose how you want to be paid, whether through your bank account or through mobile money across Africa.


Our pricing

$ 0.00
Escrow fee
$ 0.00
Processing fee
$ 0.00
Total transaction cost
$ 0.00
3.5% processing charge on loading your wallet
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This calculator estimate the total fees associated with your transaction.

Escrow fee is calculated from:

  • how long you're keeping the money in escrow
    the country you're transacting from
    the amount involved
Withdrawal amount
$ 0.00
Transfer charge
$ 0.00
Due amount
$ 0.00
The amount entered cannot be withdrawn

What's included in the fee?

  • Both parties verified by identity checks
    We help you through any disputes
    Funs are held until both parties are happy

What we offer

Transact business with people you don't know with total confidence.

Multiple Payment Options

You can choose from several payment options - Mobile Money, Credit Card and Debit Card.

Easily create & track transactions

Easily track the progress of your project. Commit to only milestone projects in progress.

Secure your funds

PayLock secures your funds until both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

24/7 support services

We have a dedicated team in charge of helping you with all your questions and onboarding processes.



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Frequently asked questions

This section covers Frequently Asked Questions relating to the general escrow process. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact information below.

An escrow is a financial arrangement where a trusted third party holds and supervises the payment of the funds required for two parties involved in any given transaction. It helps to make transactions more secure by keeping the payment in a secure account and funds are only released when all of the terms of an agreement are met as supervised by the escrow company.

• Buyer and Seller agree to terms of their transaction - A buyer or a seller can initiate a transaction on PayLock. After registering an account, the initiator can invite the other party to take part in the transaction. The other party also needs to create an account on PayLock to participate in the transaction.

• Buyer loads funds into his/her Wallet - The Buyer needs to transfer funds into his/her PayLock wallet in order to begin a transaction on PayLock.

• Buyer/Seller pays PayLock - The Buyer transfers funds from his/her PayLock Wallet to our secure Escrow Account. PayLock verifies the payment and the Seller is notified that funds have been secured 'In Escrow'.

• Seller ships goods to Buyer - Upon verification of payment, the Seller is notified to send the gooda and submit all necessary information concerning the shipment. PayLock verifies that the Buyer receives the goods.

• PayLock pays the Seller - Once verification is done, PayLock releases funds to the Seller from the Escrow Account.

Transactions with us are safe, easy and completely secure!

We provide a number of advantages for people who choose to transact their business through us. Whether it is software, import/export, freelance gigs, real estate, vehicles etc., we ensure that all buyers and sellers are equally protected and their disputes handled with utmost tact and speed. PayLock verifies the funds sent by the buyer and keeps them in our secure escrow account for the seller. There is no scope for mistrust and uncertainty when you deal with PayLock.

Using us to buy and sell goods online is the most convenient way to complete transactions on the internet. We act as your personal tool to ensure a safe, secure and intuitive sale for both buyers and sellers all over Africa and the world.

When you make a transaction using PayLock, your funds are held in a secure, non interest generating trust escrow account until the transaction is completed. This ensures that your transaction is protected against chargebacks, fraud or wrongly described goods.

We’re here to help with any issues, but if you’re unhappy with the other person in the transaction usually the easiest way is for you to try and resolve the dispute amongst yourselves first. It’s important you let us know that you are disputing the transaction as soon as possible so we can freeze and hold the funds in the SafeBox. If you’re not able to reach a resolution, then let us know - we’re happy to step in and assess the situation as an independent third party to help resolve the issue. If that still doesn’t work we can refer you to our Arbitration Process.

Either side of a PayLock transaction can raise a dispute for as long as funds are still held in the PayLock secure Wallet.

We’ll continue to hold the funds securely until both sides agree they’re happy to release funds, or unless a final decision has been made from the Arbitration Process. We can only release funds from the secure Wallet when both sides have agreed they’re happy with how the transaction has taken place. If you’re unhappy with how your transaction has taken place, and funds are still being held in the PayLock secure Wallet, you can lodge a dispute by contacting Support.

So we can help sort your dispute as quickly as possible, please have the following information on hand:

• Any details of the agreements you made before you both committed to the transaction

• Any price or quote you agreed

• A picture or video of the item or service

• Any proof of delivery

• Any relevant documents or correspondence.

Once both buyer and seller have approved the transaction details, the funding instructions will be visible to the seller when securely logged in to the PayLock platform. We accept credit/debit cards and wire transfers. Funding instructions may be printed and provided to the bank to initiate the wire transfer. Wire transfers must be initiated from an account matching the user’s profile.

Sellers/suppliers initiate the release of escrow funds by requesting payment while logged into their PayLock account. After clicking the “Request payment” button, the seller will input both the amount requested and their bank account/mobile money information.

PayLock only releases escrow funds at the specific requests of both the buyer and seller. Both parties should agree to expectations regarding the release of funds in the transaction details.
Once the goods are shipped
Once the transportation company confirms pick-up
Once the goods are received and inspected by the buyer.

The buyer can request a refund after the transaction has been activated by clicking the “request refund” tab while logged into the system with the transaction details open. The request will be submitted to the seller for their approval and, once approved, PayLock will process the payment.

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